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Suryachandra & Associates (SCA) is a chartered accountancy firm providing accounting, audit, assurance, tax, financial advisory and consulting services to a wide range of companies, firms and individuals. The firm was initially setup as a proprietary concern in 1988, and had later been converted into a partnership firm since 2012. 

About SCA

Coming together is beginning, Working together is success. SCA's strength lies in it's team of highly skilled, committed and motivated professionals who specialize in their respective fields. 

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SCA is now a member firm of MSI Global Alliance, which is one of the Top 10 leading international associations of independent legal and accounting firms around the world. This collaboration will not only enable SCA to expand it's area of operations across international borders with the right knowledge of local laws, tax systems, regulations and customs, but also with the right experience, skills and resources to support business activities on a global scale .With a successful track record of over 30 years, MSI is a global association of over 260 independent legal and accounting firms in more than 100 countries.

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